1. Recent updates

Our recent blog on creating a coherent picture of health in the UK sets out the work we are doing at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to partner with health bodies and improve statistical coherence in health data.

We published a summary of ambulance response time data in the UK, which explains how the categories differ between countries in the UK.

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2. Background

The Government Statistical Service (GSS) is the community of civil servants working in the collection, production and communication of official statistics. Together, we have published guidance on several specific topic areas to support understanding of the different statistical outputs that are produced about the populations of the UK.

These publications bring together statistics published across the UK on the same topic. We aim to provide information to allow data users to compare UK data, where appropriate, and understand where comparisons cannot be made. We also explore the wider context influencing cross-country comparisons, including the impact of geographical and population differences.

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4. Finding statistics published across the UK

For some topic areas, such as where policy is devolved, each country may have several bodies responsible for producing statistics. This can make finding data on a particular topic difficult. We have several resources to help you find data that have been produced in government departments, devolved administrations and public bodies across the UK.

Government Statistical Service (GSS) database

The GSS interactive tools available on the analysis function website allow you to search and filter a database of UK statistics on several topic areas, making these statistics more accessible to users. Additional guidance is also available through our data landscapes, glossaries and comparability tools, allowing you to explore concepts and definitions in each UK country.

Find facts and figures about areas in the United Kingdom

Our geography-focused journey on the ONS website allows you to find, visualise, compare and download local datasets for areas across the UK, with a range of interactive tools. The subnational indicators explorer, in particular, allows you to compare a local authority and the average (median) local authority by different indicators, such as weekly pay and healthy life expectancy.

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5. Contact us

If you want to get involved or have questions about the work we are doing, please email gss.coherence@ons.gov.uk.

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