• a complete census of the Civil Service, with a 100% response rate since the survey began in 2007

  • includes all staff in post and all civil servants who left the civil service during the 12 month period reference period

  • replaced the Mandate Collection, previously run by Cabinet Office (CO), in 2007

  • data are available back to 1970 from the Civil Service Statistics website.

Civil Service Statistics have been sourced from the Annual Civil Service Employment Survey (ACSES) since 2007. It had previously been known and published as the Mandate Collection, run by the Cabinet Office (CO).

The ACSES collects information relating to the sex, ethnic origin, disability status, age, national identity, earnings, profession and regional location of every Civil Service employee.

Civil Service Statistics is an annual publication and provides regional analyses and diversity and earnings statistics. These statistics provide detailed characteristics of those in the Civil Service and should be used with the quarterly statistics published in Public Sector Employment.

No weighting or estimation is used on the survey estimates as there has been a 100% response rate since the ACSES survey commenced in 2007.

Civil Service Statistics are used across government and feed into a number of wider publications and outputs. Some government departments use the total figures to facilitate policy making whereas others use specific components of the data collection. The Cabinet Office, for example, uses the statistics on a headcount and full-time equivalent (FTE) basis to monitor changes in Civil Service numbers.

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