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5,424 000's

2017 Q1

Release date:
14 June 2017

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13 September 2017
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Public sector employment, UK: Mar 2017

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  • Total UK public sector employment in March 2017 was 5.424 million, down 7,000 on the previous quarter and 20,000 on the previous year.
  • Local government employment was down 25,000 at 2.123 million, the lowest since comparable records began in 1999.
  • Central government employment was up 20,000 on the previous quarter at 2.995 million, the highest since comparable records began in 1999.
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    Estimates of public sector employment, made up of central government, local government and public corporations.

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    Civil Service employment in the UK including gender, ethnicity, disability status, earnings and location of the Civil Service workforce.

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    The data summary tool is a spreadsheet that allows users to see how a specific department differs from the Civil Service average or from another government department. For example the proportions of the headcounts of different government departments split between men and women, full-timers and part-timers, permanent and temporary appointments, regions where staff work and a number of others.

  • Public Sector Employment time series dataset

    Seasonally adjusted and non-seasonally adjusted time series of UK public sector employment, containing the latest estimates.

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