Methodology related to employment and employee types

  • Labour Force Survey – user guidance

    Methodology | Released on 19 August 2021

    Guidance about the background and methodology of the Labour Force Survey (LFS).

    Keywords: Labour Force Survey, User Guide, Guidance, LFS, employment, jobs, workforce, labour market, earnings, statistical quality

  • Progress against the Labour Force Survey National Statistics Quality Review recommendations

    Methodology | Released on 28 July 2021

    The Labour Force Survey National Statistics Quality Review was published in February 2014. This article provides an update on progress against the recommendations.

    Keywords: NSQR, LFS

  • Labour Force Survey performance and quality monitoring reports

    Methodology | Released on 18 May 2021

    Response rates, sample size and quality assessment of the Office of National Statistics' quarterly Labour Force Survey.

    Keywords: quality, performance, labour force survey, response rates

  • Labour Force Survey weighting methodology

    Methodology | Released on 17 May 2021

    New population weights using PAYE Real-Time Information data to allow for changes to Labour Force Survey (LFS) collection methods, and changes to population movements in 2020. To be applied to LFS results from July 2021.

    Keywords: LFS, weights, population, recalibration

  • Update to Coronavirus - impact on labour market outputs

    Methodology | Released on 26 January 2021

    This article lists the changes to labour market outputs as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    Keywords: reweighting, employment, unemployment, hours

  • Labour Market Survey attrition test: characteristics report

    Methodology | Released on 12 January 2021

    Details on the characteristic profile of the responding sample to the Labour Market Survey Attrition Test – providing evidence on the socio-demographic profile of respondents across three subsequent waves using an online approach to data collection.

    Keywords: Characteristics, Labour force survey

  • Labour Market Survey attrition test: technical report

    Methodology | Released on 12 January 2021

    Technical design of the Labour Market Survey attrition test, detailing the survey design and data collection methodology. Includes response results from experimental tests that formed part of the survey design.

    Keywords: Employment, LMS, labour market statistics, research, social survey

  • Comparison of labour market data sources

    Methodology | Released on 11 December 2020

    The strengths and weaknesses of the main data sources we use to produce the labour market figures, including the advantages of new administrative data sources and limitations of some of our published figures.

    Keywords: LFS, RTI, WFJ, Earnings, Vacancies

  • A guide to labour market statistics

    Methodology | Released on 16 June 2020

    Explanation of the major concepts that exist within the labour market and their relationship to each other.

    Keywords: employment, unemployment, jobs, earnings, wages

  • Measuring and reporting reliability of Labour Force Survey and Annual Population Survey estimates

    Methodology | Released on 1 May 2020

    Identification of existing threshold rules in Labour Force and Annual Population Surveys, with recommendations to improve consistency and the communication of uncertainty.

    Keywords: LFS thresholds, measuring uncertainty, , LFS disclosure