23 November 2022

The ONS advised users that more time was required to quality assure the detailed breakdowns for some datasets, consistent with our aggregated estimates.

This affected data availability within the following Blue Book 2022 datasets; National Accounts at a glance, industrial analysis, non-financial corporation, financial corporations, households and non-profit institutions serving households, gross fixed capital formation and national balance sheet.

We will continue to work with our data suppliers to resolve this and provide a further notice when we are able to make the data in these datasets available.

21 October 2022

Due to system issues some capital consumption data and data calculated using the capital consumption data will not be available within the UK Economic Accounts until September 2023 for the time periods 2021 annual and quarterly data from 2021 Quarter 1 onwards for the following series: MWB6, MWB7, CRSF, DU8R, DU8U, CRYG, DU8S, DU8V, CRYH, DU8T, DU8W, CRYI, NQAE, NSRX, CIHA, BKWD, MCIX, YBET, NQCP, BKWE, MCIW, YBEY, DBGF, NHCE, QWLL.

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  • Release date:
    30 June 2023
  • Next release:
    29 September 2023

About this Dataset

Quarterly national accounts aggregates, per head data. These include gross domestic product by income and expenditure, gross value added, gross fixed capital formation, change in inventories, gross operating surplus and revisions.

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