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Product by industry, product by product and further analyses tables.

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Previous versions of this data are available

2013 detailed

2010 summary

2010 detailed

Previous versions of this data are available

Important notes and usage information

Since the Blue Book 2013 publication there have been numerous developments in National Accounts. One of the key changes was the switch from the European System of Accounts 1995 to the European System of Accounts 2010. A summary of the changes in each Blue Book are attached below:

Blue Book 2014 ESA 1995 changes
Blue Book 2014 ESA 2010 changes
Blue Book 2015
Blue Book 2016

In terms of the IOATs there are a few changes worth highlighting as they are structural accounting changes that have impacted on the data.

Measuring and capitalising research and development in the UK national accounts
Changes to Market/Non market output and social transfers in kind

See notice above for important information on the construction of the 2014 detailed table.

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