1. Summary of changes

All data tables to be published as part of the UK National Accounts, The Blue Book: 2023 on 31 October 2023 have been reviewed and where necessary the presentational format has been restructured to improve their usability, accessibility and machine readability for our users.

These changes have been made in line with Government Statistical Service (GSS) guidance on releasing statistics in spreadsheets in order to meet the AA level of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

As part of this restructure, tables for all chapters will also now be released together as separate worksheets in a single workbook file, rather than being published in separate workbook files.

Blue Book 2023 table format preview (2.5 MB xlsx) contains blank preview tables in advance of the release of Blue Book 2023 to allow our users to preview the changes. Previews are available for all data tables that were released as part of Blue Book 2022. We are not able to provide previews of new tables to be released for the first time as part of Blue Book 2023, but these have all been designed to the same accessibility standards.

Selected tables were already reviewed and restructured ahead of the release of the UK National Accounts, The Blue Book: 2022, released on 31 October 2022. These include Tables A, B and C, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 10 and Chapter 11.

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