All data related to Public sector finances, UK: February 2024

  • Changes to public sector finance statistics: Appendix L

    Dataset | Released on 21 September 2023

    Presents the impact of the regular annual data updates incorporated into the public sector finances release in September 2023 on our headline public sector measures.

    Keywords: NNDR, leases, PSF impacts, borrowing, public sector finance

  • Financial statistics for public sector

    Dataset | Released on 22 May 2024

    Public Sector Financial data showing net cash requirement and debt components by sub-sector (central government, local government and public corporations).

    Keywords: public sector finances, PSF, financial instruments, borrowing, assets

  • International Monetary Fund’s Government Finance Statistics framework in the public sector finances: Appendix E

    Dataset | Released on 21 March 2024

    Presents the balance sheet, statement of operations and statement of other economic flows for the public sector, compliant with the Government Finance Statistics Manual 2014: GFSM 2014 presentation.

    Keywords: GFSM, net worth, balance sheet, PSF, government finance

  • Large impacts on public sector fiscal measures excluding banking groups: Appendix B

    Dataset | Released on 22 May 2024

    Large events that affect current public sector net borrowing excluding public sector banks (PSNB ex), and public sector net debt excluding public sector banks (PSND ex) from the period May 2000 onwards. Impacts are shown for the components of public sector net borrowing, net cash requirement and net debt.

    Keywords: government, deficit, public finance, PSF, national debt

  • Public sector balances sheet tables: Appendix N

    Dataset | Released on 22 May 2024

    A reconciliation of the latest public sector balance sheet measures.

    Keywords: Debt, Gilts, Assets, Liabilities, Public sector

  • Public sector current receipts: Appendix D

    Dataset | Released on 22 May 2024

    A breakdown of UK public sector income by latest month, financial year-to-date and full financial year, with comparisons with the same period in the previous financial year.

    Keywords: government, deficit, public finance, PSF, national debt

  • Public sector finance records tables: Appendix Q

    Dataset | Released on 22 May 2024

    Presents a breakdown of records for borrowing, receipts and expenditure, on a monthly, year-to-date and financial year basis. 

    Keywords: PSF, PSF Records, Borrowing, Receipts, Expenditure

  • Public sector finances borrowing by sub-sector

    Dataset | Released on 22 May 2024

    Public sector finances analytical tables (PSAT) showing transactions related to borrowing by sub-sector. Total Managed Expenditure (TME) is also provided.

    Keywords: PSF, central government, local government, funded pensions, Bank of England

  • Public sector finances revisions analysis on main fiscal aggregates: Appendix C

    Dataset | Released on 22 August 2023

    Revisions analysis for central government receipts, expenditure, net borrowing and net cash requirement statistics for the UK over the last five years.

    Keywords: government, public finance, PSF, national debt

  • Public sector finances revisions analysis: Appendix P

    Dataset | Released on 22 May 2024

    Revisions analysis for UK public sector statistics. Records monthly borrowing data from first and subsequent publications, illustrating bias to early estimates.

    Keywords: PSF, PSF Receipts, Borrowing, Public Sector, Receipts