All data related to Economic activity and social change in the UK, real-time indicators: 25 May 2023

  • Advanced notification of potential redundancies

    Dataset | Released on 16 November 2023

    Number of potential redundancies from Insolvency Service HR1 forms and number of employers proposing redundancies, Great Britain.

    Keywords: redundancies, HR1, Insolvency Service, realtimeindicators, job losses

  • Automotive fuel spending

    Dataset | Released on 23 November 2023

    Estimated quantity of automotive fuel demand per average transaction is an experimental indicator used to isolate real demand after adjusting for growth in fuel prices.

    Keywords: realtimeindicators, fuel sales, petrol, diesel, pump prices

  • Company incorporations, voluntary dissolutions and compulsory dissolutions

    Dataset | Released on 23 November 2023

    The number of Companies House incorporations and voluntary dissolutions accepted, and companies placed into compulsory dissolution: weekly dataset.

    Keywords: Company incorporations, voluntary dissolutions and compulsory dissolutions, realtimeindicators

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey, estimates of the UK workforce in self-isolation by sector

    Dataset | Released on 5 May 2022

    Modelled estimates of the proportion of the workforce self-isolating because of coronavirus (COVID-19) by work sector and modelled estimates of the proportion of the working age population (regardless of employment status) self-isolating because of COVID-19 by country.

    Keywords: workforce, work sector, self-isolation, realtimeindicators

  • Daily UK flights

    Dataset | Released on 16 November 2023

    Experimental daily UK flight numbers and rolling seven-day average, including flights to, from, and within the UK.

    Keywords: economy, trade, transport, airports, realtimeindicators

  • Daily vehicle flows around ports

    Dataset | Released on 11 August 2022

    Daily data showing vehicle flows around major ports in England. Contains average 15-minute sensor counts by size of vehicle, and average speeds.

    Keywords: faster indicators, economy, traffic, ports

  • Heathrow flight passenger data

    Dataset | Released on 12 January 2023

    Total monthly number of passengers arriving to and departing from Heathrow Airport, including both international and domestic flights.

    Keywords: realtimeindicators, air traffic, aviation, air travel

  • Online job advert estimates

    Dataset | Released on 23 November 2023

    Experimental job advert indices covering the UK job market.

    Keywords: vacancies, jobs, adverts, employment, realtimeindicators

  • Online weekly price changes

    Dataset | Released on 1 July 2021

    The online price changes for a selection of food and drink products from several large UK retailers. These data are experimental estimates developed to deliver timely indicators to help better understand real time economic activity and social change in the UK.

    Keywords: online shopping, corona virus, COVID 19, COVID19, web-scraping, faster indicators

  • Renter affordability for new tenancies

    Dataset | Released on 9 November 2023

    Monthly proportion of gross income spent on rent for new tenancies across the UK, from Dataloft Rental Market Analytics (DRMA).  Dataloft is a PriceHubble company.

    Keywords: rent, affordability, housing, regions, realtimeindicators