Mnemonic: migrant_ind
Applicability: Person
Type: Derived variable


The migration indicator classifies people based on the difference between their current address and their address one year ago. It provides an indicator of the movement of people within the UK and from outside the UK, in the one-year period before the census.


Total number of categories: 5

Code Name
0 Address one year ago is the same as the address of enumeration
1 Address one year ago is student term-time or boarding school address in the UK
2 Migrant from within the UK: Address one year ago was in the UK
3 Migrant from outside the UK: Address one year ago was outside the UK
-8 Does not apply*

*Students and schoolchildren living away during term-time, and children aged under 1 year.


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Comparability with the 2011 Census

Highly comparable

What does highly comparable mean?

A variable that is highly comparable means that it can be directly compared with the variable from the 2011 Census. The questions and options that people could choose from may be slightly different, for example the order of the options may be swapped around, but the data collected is the same.

England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland comparisons

Not comparable

This variable is not comparable as the data is not available for all countries.

What does not comparable mean?

A variable that is not comparable means that it cannot be compared for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Census 2021 data that uses this variable

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