Mnemonic: number_bedrooms
Applicability: Household
Type: Standard variable


The number of bedrooms in a household’s accommodation.

This number is not available for household spaces with no usual residents.


Total number of categories: 5

Code Name
1 1 bedroom
2 2 bedrooms
3 3 bedrooms
4 4 or more bedrooms
-9 Does not apply

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Question asked

How many bedrooms are available for use only by this household?

In Census 2021 the question was a combination of the two part question asked in the 2011 Census.


Read about how we developed and tested the questions for Census 2021.

Why we ask the question

The answer helps communities by allowing local authorities to understand and address housing shortages or overcrowded accommodation in their area.

The census first asked this question in 2011.

Comparability with the 2011 Census

Broadly comparable

We have removed the category “0 bedrooms”.

What does broadly comparable mean?

A variable that is broadly comparable means that it can be generally compared with the same variable used in the 2011 Census. However, changes may have been made to the question or options that people could choose from or how write-in answers are classified.

England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland comparisons

Not comparable

This variable is not comparable as the data is not available for all countries.

What does not comparable mean?

A variable that is not comparable means that it cannot be compared for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Find out more about variables produced for Census 2021 in Northern Ireland and Census 2022 in Scotland.

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