Mnemonic: residence_type
Applicability: Person
Type: Standard variable


Whether a person lives in a household or a communal establishment. People who completed the normal household questionnaire were recorded as living in a household. Those who completed an individual questionnaire were asked if they lived in a household or a communal establishment.


Total number of categories: 2

Code Name
1 Lives in a household
2 Lives in a communal establishment

Question asked

What type of accommodation is this?

  • A communal establishment (for example, student hall of residence, boarding school, armed forces base, hospital, care home, prison)
  • A private or family household

In Census 2021 the option that describes a flat, maisonette or apartment that is "in a tenement or purpose built block of flats" included 4 in-a-block.


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Why we ask the question

The answer helps communities by allowing local authorities, planners and housing providers to understand the types of accommodation available in their area. They can use this information to work our what type of housing people will need in the future.

The census first asked this question in 1981.

Comparability with the 2011 Census

Highly comparable

What does highly comparable mean?

A variable that is highly comparable means that it can be directly compared with the variable from the 2011 Census. The questions and options that people could choose from may be slightly different, for example the order of the options may be swapped around, but the data collected is the same.

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