Corrections to data supplied to Eurostat

The UK-Europe census comparison data represent the UK's contribution towards a European Union (EU) project to create comparable statistics from 2011 censuses across the EU.

This page summarises all issues and corrections in the UK's data. For further information please contact Census Customer Services.

Since submission to Eurostat on 31st March 2014, the following corrections have been made to the data:

08th December 2014

Residence One Year Prior to the Census (ROY)

In this variable roughly 50,000 people were incorrectly classified as non-migrants in the data for Scotland. The majority of these were in fact people moving from within the UK, but there were also some international migrants. This data has now been corrected.

Location of Place of Work

For usual residents within Scotland a small number of records had their workplace address coded incorrectly, these have now been fixed within the data.

For usual residents within England and Wales, coding and processing issues have resulted in some anomalies for workplace address. More information is available in the quality note in the related downloads.


An error was identified which affected counts between two of the industry categories for Scotland. More information is available on Scotland's Census 2011 website.

The data for industry has been corrected.

Unoccupied dwellings

Previously the data showed no unoccupied dwellings for Scotland, this was due to a processing error and has been corrected.

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