The Teaching File is a sample of data from the 2011 Census and represents an ideal resource for training and research. In particular, it offers opportunities not available from the standard 2011 Census statistical bulletins:

  • Custom variable combinations - Users can create their own tables based on whichever variables they choose.

  • More detailed analysis - Variables can be examined in more detail than is available from the standard release tables.

  • Statistical analysis - Person-level data provide additional potential for statistical analysis not possible with aggregate data.

Download the file Possibilities for Exploring the Data to see examples of some of the types of data exploration that could be conducted with the Teaching File data.


For a definition of all terms used in these microdata, please refer to the 2011 Census Glossary (394.2 Kb Pdf).

For information about the variables, including source questions, please see the variables and classifications section of the 2011 Census User Guide.

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