The 2011 Census Teaching File presents a sample of the entire census population, containing 1 in every 100 person records from the census. These records have been treated to protect confidentiality.

The tables below show the comparability of the Teaching File sample with that of the 2011 Census, with a data download for each table. This has been achieved by producing some of the published aggregate census tables using the Teaching File and comparing the results. You can also download this comparison (423.2 Kb Pdf) in full.

How does the comparison work?

The tables examine the Teaching File variables in detail. For most variables in the Teaching File there is one published table from the census which we can use as a comparator source. Links to the census tables used in these comparisons have been included for each variable.

Note that these percentages may differ slightly from those in the published table because they were calculated from the estimates and then rounded to one decimal point.

Above each table we’ve listed the recoding performed to make the Teaching File comparable with the published tables. This might include filtering the Teaching File by a person’s age, or their usual residence status (i.e. not students or schoolchildren living away during term-time at their non-term time address, or not short-term residents).