This section provides indicative outline versions of the main types of table used in 2001 Census releases. Full layouts are provided for the three main types of table - the Key Statistics which provide summary figures, and the Standard Tables and Census Area Statistics which provide detailed cross tabulations of two or more variables. Outlines of further summary statistics for a range of smaller areas are also available in the form of Profiles.

Outline specifications of the tables that form the Origin-Destination statistics are also provided. These provide area to area matrices with counts of the flow of people migrating between areas or travelling to work from one area to another.

Each group contains a full set of tables for results in England and Wales, though some tables are applicable throughout the UK. Versions of some tables for Scotland and Northern Ireland which are similar to the England and Wales tables are available for Scotland from the National Records of Scotland (NRS), and for Northern Ireland from the Northern Irleand Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA). Further tables are available for England and Wales only, or for Wales only.

The layouts are indicative of the final specifications which were agreed in July 2002. Some layouts were amended following initial publication in September 2002 to meet further concerns over data quality or data confidentiality, so small variations may appear in some of the final released output.

The Standard Output Tables Excel file contains information about all standard Census tables. It can be downloaded and used to search by table number or title/topic keyword.

  • Key Statistics

    Outlines version of the tables used in Key Statistics releases

  • Standard Tables

    Outline versions of the Standard, Armed Forces and Theme tables used in some 2001 Census releases

  • Census Area Statistics

    Outline versions of the tables used in Census Area Statistics releases

  • Profiles

    Outline versions of profile style tables used in some 2001 Census releases

  • Origin-Destination Statistics

    Outlines versions of the tables used in Origin-Destination Statistics

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