04 May 2023

An error was discovered in the number of UK-owned and foreign-owned businesses in Northern Ireland. Some foreign-owned businesses based in Northern Ireland were incorrectly classified as UK-owned, meaning the Northern Ireland data had to be resupplied. These data can be found in the “Regional 2020” and “Regional 2019” sheets in our Foreign-owned businesses in the UK: business count, turnover and aGVA, from the Annual Business Survey dataset. The corresponding turnover and aGVA for these businesses was also incorrectly classified. These data also contributed to the total UK-owned and foreign-owned figures. The values have now been corrected by our suppliers and quality assured by our teams. This release and all related data have been updated.

12 July 2023

We have corrected an error in the Turnover 2021 sheet for table 2a (in the 2021 edition of the dataset). The previous version was missing two secondary suppression [c] confidential markers due to human error.

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    06 July 2023
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    July 2024

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Annual estimates of foreign-owned businesses by industry group, section, employment and turnover group, and country breakdown.

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