1. Introduction

Each year, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) curates a collection of online and in-person research events.

The Secure Research Service (SRS) Engagement team are pleased to offer a diverse programme of events throughout 2023. Each event is specifically tailored for members of the research community. On this page, you can learn more about the events, and how to book your place.

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2. Administrative Data Research (ADR) UK Conference 2023

We are delighted to announce that ADR UK are hosting the ADR UK Conference 2023 in partnership with the Office for National Statistics (ONS). 

Save the date and join us in Birmingham from Tuesday 14 November to share discussions on this year's conference theme: 

"Public data for resilience and inclusion -- using administrative data to inform policy and practice in challenging times." 

The ADR UK Conference 2023 is open to anyone involved in administrative data for public good research including researchers, data scientists, civil service analysts and all those involved in making  data available for research. It is a great opportunity to engage with data linkage experts, research institutions, policymakers, analysts and your peers. 

Visit our conference website to view the conference subthemes and to keep in touch with the developing programme of events. The website will keep you up to date with our keynote speakers, evening poster reception and more. You can also sign up to hear about ADR UK events and follow our twitter @ADRUK2023 to hear the main conference updates.  

The ADR UK Conference 2023 call for abstracts is now open

We invite you to submit your abstracts to have the opportunity to join us in Birmingham and present your work.

As there is a limited number of abstract submissions permitted, we encourage you to submit as soon as possible. Once this limited number is reached, no further abstracts will be accepted. Go to the submission page to read our guidelines in full. 

Tickets for the conference will be made available in the summer. We look forward to keeping you updated over the coming months and meeting you later this year at the ADR UK Conference 2023.

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3. Research Excellence Series 2023

This ongoing series showcases exceptional research projects carried out using data owned or managed by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Each session will delve into the story of a unique research project. From inception to methodology, dissemination and impact, these insightful presentations will be hosted by award-winning researchers.

These are free to attend and will be hosted online.

30 March 2023

Xiaowei Xu from The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), commended at the 2022 ONS Research Excellence Awards for Methodology.

The impacts of nationwide Minimum Wage changes

20 April 2023

Tim Stratton and Nadir Zanini from Ofqual, and Philip Noden from the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted), commended at the 2022 ONS Research Excellence Awards for Collaboration.

Making the GRADE: Data sharing and evaluation of assessment results following summer 2020

15 June 2023

Dr Becky Arnold from the University of Keele, winner of the ONS Cross-Government Analysis Award at the 2022 ONS Research Excellence Awards.

Controlling the spread of COVID-19 in vulnerable settings

20 July 2023

Dr Charlotte Murphy from the Office for National Statistics, commended at the 2022 ONS Research Excellence Awards for reproducibility.

COVID-19 Infection Survey -- upscaling the statistical processing pipeline (link coming soon)

31 August 2023

Dr Nicolas Libuy from the University College London (UCL), winner of the ONS Early Career Research Award at the 2022 Research Excellence Awards.

Gestational age at birth, chronic conditions, and school outcomes: a population-based data linkage study of children born in England (link coming soon)

19 October 2023

Professor Andromachi Tseloni from Nottingham Trent University and Tom Jackson from the Ministry of Justice, winners of the ONS Linked Administrative Data Award at the 2022 Research Excellence Awards.

Data First: Criminal Courts Linked Data - An exploratory analysis of returning defendants and the potential of linked criminal courts from 2011 to 2019 in England and Wales (link coming soon)

Please visit the Research Excellence Series Collection Eventbrite Page for recently added events.

More presentations will be added in the coming months.

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4. Integrated Data Service (IDS) Showcase

Tuesday 25 April 2023, 2:00pm to 4:00pm

The Integrated Data Service (IDS) is a government-backed initiative that will build on the success of the Secure Research Service (SRS).

It will bring together ready-to-use data to enable faster and wider collaborative analysis for the public good. This service will be the future of data access for the Office for National Statistics' (ONS's) research community.

The introduction of the IDS will represent a change from the way researchers and analysts access data in the SRS. We are committed to providing regular and timely updates on how the transition is progressing for all interested parties and ensuring that SRS users are fully supported through their move from one service to the other, starting with this informative showcase led by SRS and IDS staff. 

This free, online event will offer all past, current, or potential users of the SRS the chance to learn first-hand about this innovative new development, ask any questions they might have about the IDS, and understand how it will impact access to data in the future.

Please visit the Eventbrite page to view the agenda, find out more and register to attend.

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5. More information

If you have any questions about research events at the Office for National Statistics (ONS), please email srs.engagement.team@ons.gov.uk.

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