The Office for National Statistics (ONS) Research Excellence Awards 2019 will recognise and celebrate outstanding innovative research carried out using our data, and/or data we make available on behalf of others, to deliver a public benefit to the UK, while protecting data confidentiality.


Each year, we approve around 400 projects with access to the secure data we manage for statistical research. The research outcomes inform an extremely diverse range of topics, such as UK monetary and financial policy, the development and evaluation of the UK National Living Wage, and the impact of migration on health services. The awards will recognise the excellent and innovative analyses carried out, and promote best practice research methodologies and data matching or linking. The awards will encourage greater awareness and understanding of the data available, and the public good achieved by statistical research.

ONS Research Excellence Awards 2019 - results

This year we received 21 eligible submissions, each with uniquely diverse topics. Below are a list of winners and commendations for 2019, as presented at Data Capability 2019 in Central Hall Westminster, London on 17 October.

ONS Research Excellence Award 2019 – Winner

Professor Andromachi Tseloni

Nottingham Trent University
Which burglary security works for whom and in what context? – This research sought to test which burglary security devices work for whom and in what context. Drawing on statistical analyses of multiple sweeps of the Crime Survey for England and Wales, it identified the best value for money security, and the population groups still most at risk.


Dr Dougal Hargreaves

Imperial College London, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust; Nuffield Trust
Quality of paediatric epilepsy care and epilepsy-related deaths – The research combined three national datasets to study links between care quality and outcomes of children and young people with epilepsy. The research found that adolescents who received higher quality paediatric care had fewer hospital admissions and a much lower risk of dying in early adulthood.

Peer Award Winner

Commendation – Future Impact

Professor Peter Dolton

University of Sussex, National Institute of Economic and Social Research
Total reward and pension evaluation by occupation in the public sector – Recently there have been substantive chances to public sector pensions from final salary to career average earnings schemes, which will cause large shifts in intergenerational income in the UK. This path-breaking research compares and measures total reward (pay, pensions and other benefits) over a lifetime and compares it between different occupations.

Commendation – Communication

Dr Erik Lenguerrand

University of Bristol
Outcomes of revision surgery for managing infected joint replacements – The National Joint Registry and ONS data were linked to compare treatment success and mortality between “gold standard” two-stage, and the single-stage revision surgeries for the treatment of hip or knee prothesis joint infection. The single-stage approach had comparable mortality and required fewer planned and unplanned operations in total.

People’s Choice Award Winner

Dr Swati Dhingra

Department of Economics and Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics
Trade and worker deskilling: evidence from the Brexit vote
Imported inputs became more expensive as a result of the crash in sterling after the unexpected vote to leave the EU. This has hurt workers in the UK, as industries facing bigger import cost increases have cut back on wages and training, but export responses have not varied across industries to undo these effects.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and commendations.

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