Running since 2015, the Census and Data Collection Transformation Programme (CDCTP), has three core objectives.

The first is to carry out a successful Census 2021. It’ll be digital-first and we’re aiming for 75% of responses to be online – with support available for those who are unable to complete an electronic questionnaire.

The second is to transform our population and migration statistics, in parallel with the census, to make a recommendation in 2023 about the future provision of population statistics. We’ll be using research into administrative data, and increased use of alternative sources of data, along with the data collected in 2021, to make Census 2021 the last of its kind.

The third aim is to make sure we leave a legacy by transforming the ONS’s data collection activities. We’re transforming business and social surveys to become more efficient and responsive, putting the respondent at the heart of what we do, while also utilising administrative and online survey data where possible. We’ll also be renewing our technology platforms to ensure sustainability for the future.

The Census and Data Collection Transformation Programme is due to come to an end in 2025.