You asked

I would like to know the following information please:

The total population of black British women across England currently - provided in numerical digits and percentages.

Of the above total, the total number of black British women who identify as Black African, Black Caribbean or Black other.

Of the total percentage of black British women in England, I would like the percentage broken down into the following ages: Under 14, 15-29, 30-44, 45-59, 60-74 and 75 and over?

We said

You have made a Freedom of Information Request for the total population of black British women across England.

The 2011 Census for England and Wales provides detailed information on the population including breakdowns by ethnic group and national identity. Whereas ethnic group classifies people according to their own perceived ethnic group and cultural background, national identity is a self-determined assessment of identity with respect to the country or countries to which each person feels they have an affiliation.

We have identified two tables of potential interest:

Table DC2101EW - provides information on ethnic group by age and sex for a range of geographical areas. This table together with other ethnic group data can be downloaded from the Nomis Table Finder;

You can use the “Query data” option to refine your search and specify the geography (e.g. England), sex (female), ages and ethnic groups you require as well as format the data as you wish. You should manipulate the table to provide the exact age ranges you require and the relevant percentages.

Table DC2202EW - gives details by national identity and ethnic group but does not include information by age or sex. This table may also be accessed via the Nomis Table Finder.

If these published tables do not fully meet your requirements you may be able to use our bespoke service to commission a special table. Advice on how to request a table can be found here:

The Census Commissioned Tables team are responsible for estimating the costs and delivery time for any new commission. In all cases any table that is produced must adhere to our strict disclosure control process to ensure that there is no risk of disclosing personal information in the table.

If you require any further information, the Census Customer Services Team will be pleased to help and contact details are set out below:

Tel: 01329 444972
Census Customer Services: ONS, Segensworth Road, Titchfield, Fareham, Hants, PO15 5RR

Please note the information drawn from Census will relate to 2011. If you require more up to date information, you may contact the ad hoc analysis team in ONS Social Surveys Division. This team can analyse the Annual Population Survey (an ongoing household survey, which includes - among other topics - the question areas that have been referenced above). This is a charged-for service, with details of cost and timescales provided here under 'Social Survey Charge rates':