You asked

Please can you give me the total number of UK deaths in 2020.

I would also like to point out that it is very concerning to not be able to find on your website the number of deaths caused by heart attacks, heart disease, cancers, Alzheimer's/dementia for 2020 compared to the past 3 years.

We said

Thank you for your enquiry.

Please refer to the following previously answered FOI request, which provides the provisional number of deaths registered in the UK in 2020 and an explanation that we are responsible for mortality data for England and Wales:

Deaths involving Cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's 2016 to 2020:

This information can be found within our Deaths Registered Series or by using our NOMIS Webservice using the following ICD-10 codes

  • C00 – D48 Neoplasm (Cancer)
  • G30 – Alzheimer's Disease
  • I20 – I25 – Ischaemic Heart Disease
  • I26 – I52 – Other Heart diseases
  • I46 – Cardiac Arrest






The number of deaths occurring from Dementia and Alzheimer's, heart disease, 2020 data can be found in the Monthly Mortality Analysis publication in table 11a and 11b for England and Wales.

Further breakdowns of 2020 data by specific cause will be published in our 'Deaths registered series' and on our NOMIS webservice once the data has been finalised in July 2021. Bespoke services for 2020 data will also be available once the data has been finalised.