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I would like to know:

How much flax yarn did the UK import per annum since 2014 or the most recent figures?

If possible, please could you give a breakdown of the different kinds of flax yarn and the different countries we import from.

We said

We do not publish trade data on flax yarn but we do publish data on 'textile fibres'. Data on imports of 'textile fibres' can be found using the link which provides monthly data by country and certain Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) commodities, including '26 Textile Fibres' in current prices.

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) publish more granular level trade in goods data and may be able to provide further information. Their contact details are: It is worth noting that HMRC provide data on a cross-border trade basis while we publish on an economic ownership basis, so estimates will differ.