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Under the freedom of information act could you please tell me how many people died in the U.K. altogether from January to December 2015-2020 and then for January to June 2021?

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Thank you for your enquiry.

We are responsible for the production of mortality data for England and Wales. National Records Scotland (NRS) and Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) are responsible for statistics pertaining to Scotland and Northern Ireland. In collaboration with these organisations, we hold headline figures for the UK up to 2019, which can be found in the Vital Statistics in the UK publication.

Deaths registered in 2020

We have published year-end figures for 2020 within our Excess Deaths Registered in 2020 in England and Wales.

Please see the following table containing this information:

We will update our Deaths Registered Series in England and Wales with a finalised figure deaths registered in England and Wales in 2020 on 6 July 2021. This is to allow the data to include late registrations, such as those which have been referred to Coroner's Inquest. For more information on registration delays, please see our article Impact of registration delays on mortality statistics in England and Wales.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have published the following year end data for 2020, which may be of interest:

Scotland -

Northern Ireland -

Should you have any questions regarding the data for Scotland and Northern Ireland that has been provided, or would like to request Scottish or Northern Irish mortality data for 2021, NRS and NISRA can be contacted at and respectively.

Deaths registered in England and Wales in 2021

We hold death registration analysis for 2021 broken down by week. This can be found in the following publication: Deaths Registered Weekly in England and Wales. We also hold 2021 mortality data broken down by month, which can be found in the following publication: Monthly Mortality Analysis.

Data for June will be published on 23 July 2021.

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