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I came across a publication between yourselves and the Home Office called the Control of Immigration: Statistics, United Kingdom, 2006 (the Govt publication can be found at

Can you:

  1. Confirm if a similar document is intended to be published in the public domain by the Home Office and yourselves for the period 2006 to 2016, and when?
  2. Confirm if this is not the case, then why?
  3. Confirm if an alternative dataset can be brought together of the core summary statistics (held in the document quoted above) from 2006 up to the present day?
  4. Please provide some advice on how citizen's could work to help and support ONS?

We said

Many thanks for your email and request

The ONS has no plans to produce an updated version of the Control of Immigration 2006 report at present. However, the majority of the core summary statistics in the report are regularly up-dated and can be found in the links below.

ONS does not collect data on Entry control at the ports, Asylum, After-entry control, Grants of settlement, Enforcement and compliance and Appeals. These data are collected by the Home Office and the most recent corresponding data tables can be found at:
For further information on Home Office data please contact:

Long-term international migration data is published by the ONS on a quarterly basis.
ONS long-term international migration data is defined using the UN definition of a migrant; this is anybody that intends to change the country of his/her residence for 12 months or more. Our latest publication can be found via this web link:
Please note that these official figures are estimates not exact counts.

The impact of migration on the United Kingdom will be addressed in the upcoming updates to our UK perspectives visual articles. The updated articles will be published on the 25th and 26th of May 2016; they will contain additional materials which explore recent trends in international migration.
The current UK perspectives articles are available through our website at:

ONS continually seeks feedback from our users. Our periodic public consultations and our latest publications are advertised on the following websites, we would encourage you to register if you wish to receive automatic notifications regarding our statistics and developments.
For further queries on ONS international migration data please do not hesitate to contact