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Not all census content has been released. Check for upcoming releases in the release calendar. Alternatively, you can create a custom dataset.

  • Long-term international migrants, UK

    Released on: 28 November 2019 | Statistical bulletin

    Provisional UK long-term international migration statistics for 2018, by a number of variables including citizenship, reason for migration, age, sex, country of birth, occupation and country of next or last residence.

  • Long-term international migration, provisional

    Released on: 23 May 2024 | Statistical bulletin

    Estimates of UK international migration. Those for year ending (YE) March, June, September and December 2023 are provisional and will be updated when more complete data become available. Those for YE March and June 2023 have been updated and data for YE September and December 2022 are now complete. These are official statistics in development.