Annual results from the International Passenger Survey (IPS), which collects information from passengers as they enter or leave the UK by the principal air, sea and tunnel routes.


  • Travel trends: 2015

    Travel Trends is an annual report that provides estimates and profiles of travel and tourism visits (those of less than 12 months' duration) and associated earnings and expenditure between the UK and the rest of the world. The International Passenger Survey (IPS) has been providing the source data for travel and tourism since 1961.


The United Kingdom Statistics Authority has designated these statistics as National Statistics, in accordance with the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 and signifying compliance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Designation can be broadly interpreted to mean that the statistics:

  • meet identified user needs
  • are well explained and readily accessible
  • are produced according to sound methods
  • are managed impartially and objectively in the public interest

Once statistics have been designated as National Statistics it is a statutory requirement that the Code of Practice shall continue to be observed.

Pre-release access list for Travel trends 2015

The phrase 'Pre-release Access' refers to the practice whereby official statistics in their final form, and any accompanying written commentary, are made available to an eligible person in advance of their publication. The rules and principles which govern pre-release access are featured within the Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Order 2008.

Besides ONS staff, the following persons are given pre-release access by the period indicated before release.

Access Granted To Organisation Period
Head ‐ Research & Forecasting VisitBritain 24 hrs
Insight Specialist VisitBritain 24 hrs
Head of Media Visit Britain 24 hrs
Director Research Visit Britain 24 hrs
First Minister Scottish Government 24 hrs
Statistician Scottish Government 24 hrs
Assistant Statistician Scottish Government 24 hrs
Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs Scottish Government 24 hrs
Senior Economist and Head of Division Scottish Government 24 hrs
Policy Officer - Tourism Scottish Government 24 hrs
Communications Officer Scottish Government 24 hrs
Special Advisor Scottish Government 24 hrs
Communications Officer Scottish Government 24 hrs
BSL Interpreter Scottish Government 24 hrs
Head Of Corporate Communications Visit Scotland 24 hrs
Senior Tourism Insight Manager Visit Scotland 24 hrs
Assistant Private Secretary DCMS 24 hrs
Assistant Statistician DCMS 24 hrs
Head of Profession DCMS 24 hrs
Communications Officer DCMS 24 hrs
Minister for Sport and Tourism DCMS 24 hrs
Head of Tourism Promotion DCMS 24 hrs
Head of Research Welsh Government 24 hrs