Results from Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Economy Survey for the reporting year 2015 are presented.



  • Low carbon and renewable energy economy estimates

    This release includes annual estimates of low carbon and renewable energy economy activity in the UK and constituent countries: turnover, employment, exports, imports, acquisitions, disposals and number of businesses.

Pre-release access list for Low carbon and renewable energy economy survey: 2015

The phrase 'Pre-release Access' refers to the practice whereby official statistics in their final form, and any accompanying written commentary, are made available to an eligible person in advance of their publication. The rules and principles which govern pre-release access are featured within the Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Order 2008.

Besides ONS staff, the following persons are given pre-release access by the period indicated before release.

Job Title Department Access Time
Briefing Official Welsh Government 24 hours
Duty Press Officer Welsh Government 24 hours
Economist Welsh Government 24 hours
Energy Statistician Scottish Government 24 hours
Minister (Cabinet Secretary for Jobs and Fair Work) Scottish Government 24 hours
Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy Scottish Government 24 hours
Economic advisor Scottish Government 24 hours
Briefing Official Scottish Government 24 hours
Duty Special Officer Scottish Government 24 hours
Press Officer Scottish Government 24 hours
Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry BEIS 24 hours
BEIS SoS BEIS 24 hours
BEIS Perm Sec BEIS 24 hours
BEIS SPADs BEIS 24 hours
BEIS Energy Statistics HoP BEIS 24 hours
Deputy Director, Head of Strategic & International Analysis BEIS 24 hours
Senior Economist BEIS 24 hours
Economic Advisor BEIS 24 hours
Senior Statistician BEIS 24 hours
Policy – Clean Electricity BEIS 24 hours

Changes to this release date

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    8 December 2016 09:30
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    Further quality assurance needed.