Local Authority District Case Studies of Student populations in DPM Pilot areas

Release date: 20 January 2023 9:30am


The following case studies follow an Office for Statistics Regulation recommendation to provide an overview of student and total population estimates in local authorities with large or complex student populations in the academic year of 2020 to 2021. The case studies use data from the 2021 Census, the Higher Education Statistical Authority (HESA) and admin-based population estimates (ABPEs). The local authorities included are the same as used in the Dynamic Population Model (DPM) outputs to be released on the 23rd November. These case studies are part of work in our overall transformation of our population statistics.



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    7 November 2022 9:30am

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    This publication has been rescheduled to the 20th January 2023. This is to enable the Census 2021 data relating to the number of students for all local authority districts to be published concurrently on 10 January 2023.