Births in England and Wales: 2021

Release date: 9 August 2022 9:30am


Live births, stillbirths and the intensity of childbearing, measured by the total fertility rate.



  • Births in England and Wales: summary tables

    Live births and stillbirths annual summary statistics, by sex, age of mother, whether within marriage or civil partnership, percentage of non-UK-born mothers, birth rates and births by month and mothers' area of usual residence.


  • Births QMI

    Quality and Methodology Information for births occurring and registered in England and Wales. Data strengths and limitations, methods, and data uses and users.

  • User guide to birth statistics

    Supporting information for birth statistics, which present figures on births that occur and are then registered in England and Wales. Figures are based on information collected at birth registration.

About the data

Accredited Official Statistics

These are accredited official statistics. They have been independently reviewed by the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) and found to comply with the standards of trustworthiness, quality and value in the Code of Practice for Statistics. This broadly means that the statistics:

  • meet user needs
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