Corrections and notices


12 June 2020

Further to the following notice, the open data projections for Wales have now been corrected, providing detailed data for analysis. The principal projection for Wales is now approximately 65,000 higher by mid-2028.

There have been no changes to the projections for other parts of the UK or the UK total. We took this decision because the impacts on other areas were not considered large enough to justify changing the existing projections. This means that anyone wanting UK, Great Britain or combined England and Wales totals must use the existing aggregate files rather than adding up the individual country files.


30 May 2020

The 2018-based file is incorrect and will be replaced by 11 June. More details of the error are in the notices at the top of our table of contents page. Note that the size of the error for variant projections will differ to some extent from that affecting the main (principal) projection for Wales.

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  • Release date:
    12 January 2022
  • Next release:
    December 2023

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Open data for Wales principal and variant projections. Single year of age and sex with underlying data.

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