Corrections and notices


24 September 2018

A small error occurred in the detailed detailed data for modelling and analysis: S1 Household population, Sensitivity analysis 1 - communal establishments and Sensitivity analysis 1 - household population tables due to a processing error affecting the geography code for West Somerset. We have corrected this error. You can see all previous versions of this data on the previous versions page. We apologise for any inconvenience.


03 December 2018

This file has been updated to also include the data from Stage 1, published 20 September 2018.

16 January 2019

This file has been updated so that the column headings of the “s2 Households” table are in date format.

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Andrew Nash
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29 June 2020
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To be announced

About this Dataset

Detailed disaggregated household projections for England, by region and local authority. The 2018-based projections are the most recent available.

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The Household Projections Analysis Tool helps users to investigate household projections data. Please download and extract the zip file to use the tool to view various charts to enable different comparisons of household projections, including variants.

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