23 November 2018

A small error was identified in the revised Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) unformatted table for 2014 published on 25 October 2018. This affected the area names for males in five CCGs in NHS England South West (South West South), which were out of sync with the respective CCG codes. This was due to a formatting error and this has now been corrected. You can see all previous versions of this data in the Supporting files you may find useful section. We apologise for any inconvenience.

18 November 2019

A correction has been made to Mid-2018: SAPE21DT5 population estimates for CCGs (on 2019 boundaries).

In April 2019, Midlands and East of England NHS England Region split into two regions. However, when compiling the mid-2018 population estimates, five CCGs were incorrectly allocated to NHS England Midlands (Central Midlands) rather than NHS England East of England (East). This has now been corrected. Totals for England, NHS England (Region) and NHS England (Region, Local office) were correct. The CCG’s affected were:

NHS Bedfordshire CCG
NHS East and North Hertfordshire CCG
NHS Herts Valleys CCG
NHS Milton Keynes CCG

You can see the original content in the superseded version. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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Neil Park
Release date:
25 October 2019
Next release:
October 2020

About this Dataset

Mid-year (30 June) estimates of the usual resident population for clinical commissioning groups in England.

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