10 November 2023

We have made a number of updates and minor corrections to the Quantitative Quality Indicators dataset which are recorded in the ‘Correction_notice’ worksheet within the dataset.

About this Dataset

Quantitative Quality Indicators (QQI) have been produced for the sources used to develop the Statistical Population Dataset (SPD) version 4.0 for England and Wales, 2016 to 2021. The QQI are conducted on each source individually. We developed a grading system to simplify the QQI outputs into an interpretable and comparable assessment of quality.

Edition in this dataset

2016 to 2021 edition of this dataset

Previous versions of this data are available.

Contact details for this dataset

Neus Beascoechea Segui, Hannah Howard, Katt Skippon, Ireoluwaposi Onadeko, Christos Chatzoglou, Aysha Khan and Joseph Herson.
+44 3000 682506