28 March 2022

We have corrected a labelling error in table 8. The previous version of this table included the text “Which vouchers or discounts, valued up to £30, would encourage you to get a second dose of a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine?” but it should have read “Which vouchers or discounts, valued up to £30, would make you more likely to get a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine?” because this data relates to adults who had not had a first vaccine dose.

This happened because of human error. No data has been changed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

About this Dataset

Indicators from the Vaccine Opinions Study to understand changes in uptake and attitudes towards the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, amongst adults in England who previously reported they had declined the vaccine or were unlikely or unsure about having the vaccine if offered.

Edition in this dataset

7 to 16 September 2021 edition of this dataset

Previous versions of this data are available.

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