Disability-Free Life Expectancy by Upper Tier Local Authority: England: 2009-11 and comparison with 2006-08

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  • Females at birth in 2009-11 in England can expect to live a further 1.0 year with a disability than in 2006-08. For males it was a further 0.4 years
  • Women at age 65 in England in 2009-11 can expect to live a further 0.6 years without a disability. For men it was an extra 0.5 years without a disability
  • Females at birth in Herefordshire in 2009-11 have a Disability-Free Life Expectancy (DFLE) of 71.7 years. This is 16.1 years longer than females in Tower Hamlets, where DFLE was 55.6 years
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