• collects information after a death is registered

  • data are published annually, approximately 12 to 13 months after the end of the reference period

  • data is collected from all 4 UK countries

Alcohol related deaths in the UK reports the number of deaths where the underlying cause is alcohol related. Data are extracted from our Death Registrations Database if the underlying cause of death is thought to be alcohol related.

The Death Registrations Database contains data for England and Wales, this is coded by us in the same way as the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). This is then combined with data from Scotland (NRS) and Northern Ireland (NISRA) to present statistics for the whole of the UK. The number of alcohol related deaths is presented by sex and age groups.

These are published in January or February each year, after the release final annual death registrations data and the mid-year populations estimates each of the 4 countries in the UK.

As excessive consumption of alcohol is a preventable cause of early deaths, there is a lot of public and professional interest in Alcohol Related Deaths. The data is used by Department of Health (DH), government administrations, public health organisations, local government and academics for research and policy making.

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