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This table provides Census 2021 estimates that classify all usual residents aged 5 years and over by full-time students by age.

Geographical level: LSOA; OA in England and Wales

Source: Census 2021 (21 March 2021)


CT21_0053_RM206: National; Country; Region; Lower tier local authorities; Upper Tier Local Authorities; MSOA; Electoral Wards
CT21_0054_RM206: LSOA; OA in England and Wales
CT21_0055_RM206: NHS Regions (in England); Integrated Care Boards (in England); Sub-Integrated Care Board Locations (in England); Local Health Boards (in Wales)
CT21_0056_RM206: Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies


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We updated this dataset 16 November 2023 as it was brought to our attention that some codes and labels in Nottingham were concatenated. This is a replacement file to show the area codes and area names correctly. The data hasn't changed and is correct.

Download associated with request

Download associated with request

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