Corrections and notices


18 November 2021

A correction has been made to the values for relative age standardised mortality rates (rASMRs) for persons of all ages, used in the “Comparisons of all-cause mortality between European countries and regions” data tables, tab “rASMRs –NUTS”. This is due to an error when compiling data for this table: values were presented as proportions not percentages. In the tabs “ASMRs - Countries”, “rASMRs - Countries”, and “rcASMRs - Countries” data for Montenegro has been removed. This country was not included in the main analyses due to data being unavailable at time of download for the full time period used for comparisons between countries. You can see the original content in the superseded version. We apologise for any inconvenience.


12 January 2022

Rates for England and Wales in this release are not directly comparable with the Excess mortality and mortality displacement in England and Wales release.

This release uses 1 January European population estimates produced by Eurostat, to be comparable against all European countries. The Excess mortality and mortality displacement in England and Wales release uses mid-year population estimates produced by the Office for National Statistics, to be comparable against our other mortality outputs. These statistics are not designed to be comparable with one another as they are designed for differing comparability needs.

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All-cause mortality patterns of selected European countries and regions, data up to week ending 3 September 2021

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