Following the success of Census 2021 for England and Wales, and Census 2021 for Northern Ireland, last year the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published the latest official population estimates for mid-2021 and estimates of international migration up to year ending June 2022. Results from the Scottish Census 2022 are planned for later in 2023. 

We will ensure official mid-2022 estimates are of the highest possible quality and coherent with the latest data that underpins estimates of international migration and migration within the UK (internal migration). We have identified quality issues in some of the data used for the internal migration component of the estimates and this requires further research and development. The publication of the mid-2022 estimates for England and Wales, down to local authority district level, originally planned for June or July, will therefore be in September. Equivalent estimates for Northern Ireland are planned for publication in June, and equivalent estimates for Scotland are planned for publication after the results of the Scottish Census 2022 are made available. These publications will enable the production of a coherent set of UK-level population estimates. 

We are working to produce population and migration statistics that meet user needs. To enable us to do that in as timely a way as possible, and to provide comprehensive information about our proposals for transformation as part of a public consultation starting in summer 2023, we will publish:

  • on 25 May 2023, experimental estimates of international migration in the UK for the year to December 2018, to the year to December 2022. In September 2023 we will also be updating our migration estimates across the previous decade as part of rebased population estimates 

  • in September 2023, official mid-year population estimates for mid-2012 to mid-2020 that have been rebased to take account of estimates from Census 2021 and the revised estimates of international migration over this period. These will be for England and Wales (alongside official mid-2022 population estimates) to allow time to understand the impacts of new data on internal and international migration flows on populations. This will also ensure that these estimates reflect the pattern over the period between the censuses. In June 2023, the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency plans to publish the equivalent rebased population estimates for Northern Ireland. Rebased estimates for Scotland will be published by the National Records of Scotland after the results of the Scottish Census 2022 are made available 

  • in September 2023, revised official mid-2021 population estimates for the UK, its constituent countries and local authority districts. These will take into account the latest estimates of international migration and will be published alongside the rebased population estimates 

  • in June 2023, experimental statistics for Admin-Based Population Estimates from the Dynamic Population Model (DPM) for England and Wales, down to local authority district level for mid-2021 and mid-2022. These are made possible by the breadth of data sources and flexibility in the methods used to produce the DPM estimates.

We are currently reviewing plans for other demographic statistics in light of these changes and will provide updates accordingly on our release calendar and through our population and migration newsletter.