The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is pleased to be supporting the Darlington Economic Campus project, which will see the ONS establish its first permanent presence in the north of England.

The Campus is part of a cross-government move, the Places for Growth scheme, to ensure that policy makers reflect the communities they serve, and that job opportunities are more evenly distributed across the UK.

There will be over 750 civil service roles based in Darlington, with career prospects ranging from entry level roles to senior management positions, including office support and data analysts, project managers and policy advisors.

This year the ONS is planning to secure space for around ten ONS colleagues to be based in Darlington, rising to around ninety over the next few years.

Deputy National Statistician for Economic Statistics Jonathan Athow said:

“The Darlington Economic Campus will help the ONS to access the best talent from across the north of England and to work closely with colleagues in other government departments, informing UK economic policy with robust statistics and economic analysis.

“These roles will complement those at our well-established locations in South Wales, Hampshire and London.”

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