Investment by insurance companies, pension funds and trusts (MQ5)

How any planned revisions for the MQ5 publication will be published

National Accounts

The National Accounts revisions policy covers all published quarterly and annual series within the National Accounts and is consistent with the ONS revisions policy. This includes Preliminary GDP, Second estimate of GDP, Quarterly National Accounts, Balance of Payments; associated statistical bulletins such as Business Investment, UK Trade, Index of Production, Index of Services, Output in the Construction Industry and the core National Accounts publications; UK National Accounts - The Blue Book, UK Balance of Payments - The Pink Book, UK Economic Accounts and Consumer Trends.

Public sector statistics

The revisions policies for the 2 public sector data releases: public sector finances and government deficit and debt under the Maastricht Treaty

Public service productivity estimates

The revisions policy for the 3 regular publications on public service productivity: total public service, health and education

Retail sales index

The revisions policy for the retail sales index (RSI)

Wealth and assets survey

The revisions policy used by the wealth and assets survey

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