Quality reviews

Explanations and lists of quality reviews completed by Office for National Statistics.

Regular Quality Reviews (RQRs)

The Regular Quality Reviews (RQR) process provides a detailed assessment of the quality of Office for National Statistics (ONS) statistical outputs against eight dimensions.

  • sources
  • methods
  • data
  • systems
  • processes
  • quality
  • users and reputation
  • people

This approach allows areas for improvement to be identified and prioritised on a regular basis.

National Statistician’s Quality Reviews

Established in 2017, the National Statistician’s Quality Reviews (NSQRs) cover thematic topics of national importance, conducted on behalf of and for the Government Statistical Service (GSS). These reviews are future facing, ensuring that methods used by the GSS are keeping pace with changing data sources and technologies.

NSQRs complement existing quality assurance practices, providing an additional tool to make sure methods are – and remain – fit for purpose and among the best in the world. They provide an opportunity for experts outside the GSS to contribute to the continued improvement of the methods and support the GSS to identify what good practice looks like for these methodologies, as well as to help identify opportunities for further development and investment.

The first NSQR in the new format is covering Privacy and Data Confidentiality Methods.

National Statistics Quality Reviews Programme 2012 to 2016

In their previous format, the National Statistics Quality Reviews identified areas for improvement in ONS statistics. Following recommendation from the Bean Review (2016), the NSQRs have been extended across the GSS in a new format.


Labour market

People, population and community

NSQR Series (2) Report Number 3 – Living Costs and Food Survey (May 2016)

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