The Methodology division leads on the statistical methods and techniques that underpin all ONS surveys and statistical outputs. More information about the Methodology division and the services we offer can be found on the Government Statistical Service (GSS) Website.

Further information about our structure can be found here.

Further information about the specific methods we use can be found here.

For advice or support on any aspect of statistical methodology please contact the teams below or email:

Centres of Statistical Expertise - Expert Groups

Methodology is made up of 13 Expert Groups which specialise in specific parts of the statistical production process and underpin the statistical infrastructure. Further information about the Methodology Expert Groups including contact details can be found on the Government Statistical Service (GSS) website.

Methodology Advisory Service (MAS)

MAS is a free service providing methodological advice and guidance to customers across the public sector and draws on expertise from across the Methodology Expert Groups. To discuss your project requirements, please contact