About eduroam

eduroam stands for EDUcational ROAMing and provides an international roaming service for the research and academic community. For details of participating locations, please consult the Jisc website.

The eduroam service provides researchers, teachers and students an easy and secure means to gain free internet access when visiting other organisations participating in the eduroam service, negating the need to liaise with local IT administrators for arranging guest network access.

For more details on the eduroam service, please visit the main eduroam website, or read the FAQs.

eduroam @ the ONS

The ONS is now a Service Provider for eduroam, operating as a Visited-only site.

The eduroam service is therefore unavailable to ONS staff, whether on or offsite.

The eduroam service is available to visitors in the following ONS locations:

Drummond Gate

Availability of the eduroam service is subject to the availability of the wireless service in these locations. Where the wireless service is unavailable, the eduroam service will be unavailable. Access to the eduroam service through a wired connection is currently unavailable in the ONS.

Service availability can be checked on the eduroam website.

A full list of the IP filtering in use in the ONS is available from the eduroam technical specification, under IP Filtering Requirements Section 4.5.1.

Connection and configuration notes

The eduroam service is provided with no technical support for visitors. Support for connecting to eduroam is provided by your home organisation.

The following information is provided as generic guidance for connecting to eduroam:

SSID: eduroam
Security scheme: WPA2 Enterprise
Encryption type: AES
Authentication Method: EAP-MSCHAPv2
Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)

It is strongly recommended that before you visit the ONS, you ensure the following:

  • Your password hasn't or won't expire for the duration of your visit
  • You have your equipment checked by your home IT administrators to ensure the appropriate configuration is in place
  • You have successfully authenticated against eduroam in your home organisation on the equipment you intend to bring with you on your visit

If you find yourself onsite in the ONS and eduroam isn't working, you can try to visit the eduroam autoconfiguration tool.

Conditions of use

When using the eduroam service, visitors are bound to:

Breaching any of these will result in the removal of your access to the eduroam service in the ONS, and could result in disciplinary procedures as per the policy of your home organisation.

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