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In this analysis, we present estimates which represent the number of people in each of the four skill levels and within each local authority and subsequently higher-level location across the UK. The skill levels are based on the main occupation of the respondent with level 4 being the highest and level 1 being the lowest.

Level 4 relates to 'professional' occupations and high level managerial positions in corporate enterprises or national/local government. Occupations at this level normally require a degree or relevant work experience. Level 3 applies to occupations that normally require a body of knowledge associated with a period of post-compulsory education but not normally to degree level.

A number of technical occupations fall into this category, as do a variety of trades occupations and proprietors of small businesses. Level 2 covers a large group of occupations, all of which require the knowledge provided via a good general education. Occupations classified at this level include machine operation, driving and caring occupations.

Level 1 equates with the competence associated with a general education, usually acquired by the time a person completes his/her compulsory education and signalled via a satisfactory set of school-leaving examination grades. Examples of occupations defined at this skill level include postal workers, hotel porters, cleaners and catering assistants.


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