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This page contains guidance and methodology information for regional accounts outputs from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Regional accounts produce the following outputs for domestic and European Union use:

  • regional gross value added (income approach) (GVA(I))

  • regional gross value added (production approach) (GVA(P))

  • regional gross value added (balanced) (GVA(B))

  • regional gross disposable household income (GDHI)

  • regional gross fixed capital formation (GFCF)

For an overview of the methodology used to compile regional accounts outputs, please see the Regional accounts methodology guide. This guide is intended to give the user an understanding of what comprises regional accounts in the UK, how regional estimates of GVA(I), GVA(P), GVA(B), GDHI and GFCF are compiled, the different data that are used in the compilation of the estimates, and the concepts that underpin the whole process.

For quality and methodology information (QMI) covering the relevance, accuracy, timeliness, accessibility and coherence of regional accounts publications, please see the Regional gross value added (income approach) Quality and Methodology Information, Regional gross value added (production approach) Quality and Methodology Information and the Regional gross disposable household income Quality and Methodology Information.

Regional accounts outputs are compiled in-line with Eurostat guidelines. A regional gross value added (income approach) inventory (PDF, 368KB) and a Regional disposable household income inventory for the UK (PDF, 384KB) have been compiled for Eurostat and are published domestically. These inventories provide more detail than the methodology guide on the compilation, methodology, data sources and indicators, quality and publication for each output.

Other historical guidance and methodology information relating to regional accounts is also available:

The regional accounts user engagement page provides details of the users and uses of regional accounts data, as well as providing details of how to contact the regional accounts team within the ONS.

Consultations relating to regional accounts outputs can also be found.