1. Terms of reference of the Inflation Tetrapartite Group


The Inflation Tetrapartite Group will discuss inflation statistics produced or managed by Office for National Statistics (ONS), including consumer price statistics, producer price statistics, services producer price statistics, trade price statistics and housing price statistics.


The group provides a forum for discussing how well ONS’s range of price inflation statistics is meeting user needs, for sharing progress on current developments and for identifying areas for future development.

When required, the group will consider routine, operational requirements (such as annual basket reviews and VAT changes) that require advice in a timely manner to ensure that the quality of price statistics is maintained.


The Inflation Tetrapartite Group is not a decision-making body.

Proposals for change regarding the coverage or methodology underpinning consumer price inflation statistics are referred to the Advisory Panel on Consumer Prices (APCP) Stakeholder or APCP Technical, which are responsible for providing independent advice to the National Statistician on consumer price statistics.


The Inflation Tetrapartite Group comprises officials from the Bank of England, HM Treasury, the Office for Budget Responsibility and the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The Head of ONS’s Prices Division will act as the chair.

Membership of the group is set out in Annex A, which will be updated as necessary.

Meetings schedule

The Inflation Tetrapartite Group will normally meet quarterly.

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2. Annex A – Membership of the Inflation Tetrapartite Group

The Bank of England

Economist, Structural Economics Division
Economist, Current Economic Conditions Division

HM Treasury

Deputy Director, Macroeconomic Coordination and Strategy
Head of GDP and Inflation Branch, Macroeconomic Coordination and Strategy
Head of Inflation, Macroeconomic Coordination and Strategy

The Office for Budget Responsibility

Economist, Economy Team

Office for National Statistics

Deputy Director, Prices Division (Chair)
Assistant Deputy Director, Prices Division
Head of Prices Development, Prices Division
Secretariat (Prices Development analyst), Prices Division
Heads of Consumer Price Statistics Production, Prices Division
Other branch heads and analysts as required, Prices Division

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