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    13 March 2019
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About this Dataset

Month-on-month growth rates along with standard errors for the all manufacturing Producer Price Index (PPI; gross sector output including duty), January 2018 to December 2018.

Edition in this dataset

Current edition of this dataset

Previous versions of this data are available.

Important notes and usage information

  1. Standard errors were previously published along with an article. However, these are now produced as tables and updated annually.

  2. Growth rates are calculated for all manufacturing (gross sector output (GSO) including duty) and for Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) divisions. Index values and 95% confidence intervals corresponding to the period January 2018 to December 2018 are also calculated for all manufacturing (GSO including duty).

  3. Standard errors have been published previously for PPI in three articles: Measuring the quality of the producer price index (PDF, 153.9KB)Measuring the quality of producer price index – an update (PDF, 141.2KB) and Analysis of Producer Price Indices using Standard Errors.

  4. The Producer Price Index is published monthly in a statistical bulletin.

  5. Quality and Methodology Information (QMI) report for the Producer Price Index describes the intended uses of the statistics, their general quality and the methods used to produce them.

  6. The methods used to calculate standard errors presented here can be found in Survey Methodology Bulletin number 62, pages 62 to 80.

Contact details for this dataset

Martina Portanti
+44 (0)1633 456907