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  • Release date:
    17 November 2021
  • Next release:
    15 December 2021

About this Dataset

Measures of monthly UK inflation data including CPIH, CPI and RPI. These tables complement the consumer price inflation time series dataset.

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Making our published spreadsheets accessible

We have published sample versions of a selection of consumer price inflation tables prepared following the GSS guidance on releasing statistics in spreadsheets. It is essential that we aim to improve the usability, accessibility and machine readability of our published statistics so that everyone can make use of them.

We have published these one-off sample tables to help communicate the changes we will be making to the consumer price inflation tables over the coming months. When we change over to the new format, there will be a period where we will publish the tables in both the new and the current formats, along with a mapper to help users find the information they require in the new format tables. If you have any questions or comments, please email cpi@ons.gov.uk.

Interactive Personal Inflation Calculator

The interactive Personal Inflation Calculator, which could be used by people to calculate their personal inflation based on their spending patterns, has currently been removed from the website. The facility was used by a very small number of people.

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Chris Payne
Consumer price inflation enquiries: +44 1633 456900. Consumer price inflation recorded message (available after 8.00 on release day): + 44 800 011 3703

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